Friday, March 20, 2009


Sir Stanley Matthews was a giant in football history, who played club football till the very ripe age of 50 years. Today footballers at30years fins it difficult to get a new contract.It just shows how very fit he was.
Sir Stanley Matthews was born on 1/2/1915 . And died on 23/2/2000, at the age of 85 years.
Where club football was concerned he played for two clubs only.Stoke City and Blackpool..
Stoke City. 1932 to 1947. 259, games and 51 goals.
Blackpool . 1947 to 1961. 391. games and 17 goals.
Stoke City. 1961 to 1965. 54. games and 11 goals.
For England he played from 1934 to1957.
In a total of over 700 games which was indeed a large number as in those days there were fewer clubs and matches were also fewer, then today. But Sir Stanley Matthews never ever got a yellow card or even a red, as he was always called the gentleman tackler . When he was playing with Duncan Edwards once for England, as when Stanley Matthew made his debut in 1934, Duncan Edwards was not even born..
Sir Stanley Matthews won the first Europen Footballer of the year, and was the first footballer to beknighted , while he was sill playing football..

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